The Heritage Academy educational philosophy maintains that we value each child as an individual person with unbridled spirit and potential, and each parent as their most fundamental educator. While modeling virtuous conduct and facilitating a comprehensive core curriculum, we emphasize the value of respecting and nurturing the child’s dignity as a person while offering them an atmosphere which reflects honor, kindness, and scholarship. Children have a natural inclination to learn, and we intend to provide extraordinary opportunities for each individual child by creating and nurturing an environment that stimulates intellectual growth between all subjects.

Our priority is to cultivate an enduring desire to learn and to promote virtuous character. We are able to accomplish this by maintaining a rich culture of teaching and learning while providing each student with the fundamentals of a classical education within a 21st Century environment.

Through an environment of academic excellence that reflects honor, kindness, and scholarship, we intend to educate and promote an atmosphere that affords each student the self-determination and resources to contemplate and engage in experiences that expand their boundless capacity for academic and social growth. Heritage Academy believes in exposing children to great and noble ideas through resources that are rich in literary content, scientific inquiry, real-world problem solving mathematics, and the appreciation of learning history, art, music and poetry.

Through a comprehensive core curriculum and the pursuit of cultural literacy, students will acquire the skills and critical knowledge expected of the 21st century learner in preparation for rigorous academic study.

“…mind appeals to mind and thought begets thought and that is how we become educated.”- C. Mason