Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies—of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, provides supplemental funding to state and local educational agencies to acquire additional education resources at schools serving high concentrations of students from low-income homes. These resources are used to improve the quality of education programs and ensure students from low-income families have opportunities to meet challenging state assessments.

Title I, Part A schools implement either a Schoolwide program or a Targeted Assistance program. Both Title I, Part A models — Schoolwide and Targeted Assistance — use evidence-based methods and instructional strategies.

Heritage Academy Translation Procedures- Heritage Academy will take practicable steps to ensure that parents, guardians, and others English Learners have access and equal opportunity to important school information. Information will be provided in an understandable and uniform format, and to the extent practicable, in a language that parents/guardians can understand [Section 1112(e)(4); 114(b)(4); 1116(e)(5); 1116(f)].

Parent Engagement Newsletters

· This is a monthly newsletter and daily learning activity calendar that will help you get more involved with the education, discipline, responsibility and well-being of your child to promote student achievement and school success.

Este es un boletín mensual y un calendario diario de actividades de aprendizaje que le ayudarán a involucrarse mas con la educación, la diciplina, la responsabilidad y el bienestar de su hijo(a) para promover el logro estudiantil y el èxito escolar.



REGION 16: The Parent and Family Engagement Connection Newsletter Volume 18-2021


o NEW smore’s platform that can translate and offer other accessibilities

o NUEVO plataforma de smore que puede traducir y ofrecer otras accesibilidades 1st Quarter-Aug. thru Oct.

The Parent and Family Engagement | Smore Newsletters

o Countdown to school success

o Solutions for morning madness

o 5 Ways to bully-proof your kids

o 10 Questions to ask your child about his day at school

o Teaching your kid to make good decisions

o Important Things kids miss out on when they’re engaging with screens

o Reasons why you should unplug your kids from technology

o How to nurture your parent-child bond

Teaching and Learning from Home


o Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide

o Best Practices for Video Learning

o Core content websites: assistance and activities

o Free Printable Worksheets above link

o Scheduling the Home Environment

o Talking about Coronavirus with children

Additional online resources

o Teaching and learning at home

o Promising practices

o PFE Videos

o School Safety

o College and Career Readiness

o STAAR Resources for Parents

o Diversity

o Title I Part D Families and Student Achievement

o Parent Involvement Rights TX TEC

o Title IV, Part A Student Support & Academic Enrighment

o and more…

Video 1: Family Engagemnt Program Overview-Espanol Repaso del compromiso de Padres y Familias

Video 2: Synchronous vs. Asynchronnous Instruction-Espanol-La instruccion sincronica y asincronica

Video 3: At-home learning environment-Espanol-El ambiente de aprendizaje en casa

Video 4: We are in this together-Espanol-Estamos juntos en esto


Family Engagement

Additional Resources

NetSmartz Trends and Topics

Nourish Interactive

PBS KIDS for Parents

Parenting Style Quiz

Suggested Reading Lists (EC-12)- Texas Library Association

Scholastic Books-Parent Resources

Parent Afterschool Resources-Read Write Think

Parenting Information Handouts – Center for Effective Parenting-Handouts in English and Spanish

The Parent and Family Engagement Connection newsletter is available! Topics in this volume of the newsletter include: “The Gift of Giving,” “Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress and Depression” and many more!

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Volume 18 “The Gift of Giving”